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My name is Karilyn. I am an Author, Artist and Speaker. My open heart seeks to express itself fully so the world may remember who they are, why they are here and what to do about it. As a Prophet of Love, I bridge the gap between fear and love. It is my express wish for every being to both know and experience their Divinity—the truth within their own heart that carries the key to inner peace, joy and freedom. May my own experiences, wisdom and awareness light the way to your own truth.

Love, Karilyn

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  • “She walks her talk”

    Coaching Karilyn was an absolute delight and inspiring from the beginning. She walks her talk. She was totally committed to sharing her story from the depth of her being, honestly and openly. When asked what was important to her about her work, she consistently answered, “Helping others find the love within themselves and connecting with their divinity.” It was an honor and privilege to support Karilyn to tell her story.

    Andrea Beaulieu, Coach, Trainer, Speaker
  • “compassionate”

    I had the privilege of working with Karilyn on editing her poetry last year. I'm continually impressed by her ability to transform her own struggles with self-love, self-care, and self-worth into empowering lessons for her clients. She is a gentle, empathetic soul who is truly committed to serving others through her own personal and artistic journey. I'd recommend Karilyn to anyone needing a compassionate guide through difficult times.

    Alana Helapitage, Writer and Speaker
  • “ incredible courage”

    In her own life, Karilyn has met failure, sickness and loss with such incredible courage and hope. She has transformed and healed her life and, true to her caring nature, wishes to empower others to do the same. I’m so proud of Karilyn; I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking guidance and support on the road to personal growth, healing and positive change. She’s an example of what we can rise to, given the right head- and heartspace.

    Liz Rogers, Friend and Professional Copywriter

“The quest for God... Begins with attuning yourself to the search for love. For it is love that gave birth to you. It is love that sustains you and it is love that will consume you.”

― Sri GuruDev Isa Mafu

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