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Meet Karilyn

Prophet of Love

Karilyn Owens is an artist, author, writer, speaker and seeker [of joy, wisdom, love and God]. She is on a journey of awakening which she feels needs to be shared; her heart has reached a level of openness and consciousness that elevates her words to messages from the higher self—an unlimited soul and whole heart. Karilyn didn’t get there by skipping and smelling roses (although she does both often), but she fell face-first down a fear-trodden path of destruction that was far from authentic. Eventually, her intuition spoke louder and louder until the dull roar of her higher self broke free. That day is when her life truly began. Karilyn uses her heartfelt art and words to encourage any weary, lost souls who are still knee-deep in the muck of fear to find their essence—steeped in pure, authentic love.


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  • Writer
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Step Into My Soul

Musings of an Open Heart

Open Your Heart

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“The quest for God... Begins with attuning yourself to the search for love. For it is love that gave birth to you. It is love that sustains you and it is love that will consume you.”

― Sri GuruDev Isa Mafu

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Phoenix, AZ

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