How to Use the Law of Entrainment to Stay Grounded in Love

As an Empath, I spent most of my life succumbing to the lower energies around me. I left events, parties and family functions with the life sucked out of more, or worse (sick to my stomach). I eventually subscribed to the idea that this is how life would be as a Highly Sensitive Person. I found myself retreating more and more from situations that left me susceptible to toxic, negative energies.

I may not have known about energy vibration or frequencies at the time, but the lower frequencies that go hand in hand with negativity, fear, judgement and resentment were dimming my light. I allowed this to happen although it certainly was not my intention to feel drained and lifeless after various situations.

As I got more in tune with myself and my intuition, the sensitivity heightened and so did my reactions. I began to stumble upon mind body awareness and energy medicine—a blessing for someone like me. I have been aware of the mind-body connection for quite some time, but I never felt empowered to harness the way my body spoke to me. My anxiety around events and toxic situations led me to soothe myself with food or alcohol to calm my nerves.

My journey as an intuitive and empath led me to eventually grow an awareness around my coping mechanisms; I desperately needed a new way to deal with life and the inevitable negativity I encounter. I dissovered we are each made of energy (everything in the world is) which vibrates at a certain level. Higher frequencies grow from love, joy, gratitdude and appreciation which negative energies arise out of fear, judgement and resentment.

My newfound awareness left me conscious of the energy that I was surrounded by and the negative connotations on my own personal frequency. The Law of Entrainment states that when two or more vibrational frequencies join, the lower frequency will sync with the higher frequency. The lower energy will naturally raise to meet the higher energy thus balancing the two frequencies to a higher state.

With this Law in my back pocket, I began to understand how I could prevent lower frequencies from bringing me down several levels. I simply had to show up grounded in a higher vibration of love. This is much easier said than done, as I struggled to stay positive around toxic energy, confrontations and conflicts with others. My body would naturally succumb to the tention and my anxiety would surge.

After I made the intention to learn healthier coping strategies, the Law of Entrainment became my best friend. I knew if I remained grounded in love, gratitdue and joy prior to interactions and events, chances were high that I would stay at that level. Not only could I stay steeped in a positive frame of energy, but others would gravitate toward my energy thereby raising them to a higher level by proxy.

I fought my anxiety for months as I became accustomed to my new way of inhabiting. Fear of what might happen in uncomfotable situations without any overeating or alcohol to soften the blow would send me into a lower vibration; when I arrived at my destination, I only suffered moreso when the negativity around me send me further into a downward spiral.

As I became committed to spiritual practices of mindfulness, meditation, yoga and prayer, I slowly built up my stamina of energy. I learned that if we don’t set the intention to stay in a loving, heart space, we will easily fall to the negativity around us. Intentions must be carried through with action and so my daily meditation practice was born.

The consistency born out of my intentions to practice mindfulness and control my thoughts (before they control me) eventually led me to show up with love. I took on the mentality of “you’re rubber, I’m glue.” Someone else’s negativity wouldn’t bring me down from my stage of love. And better yet, the Law of Entrainment means that the love we show up with will eventually rub off on those around us (even subconsciously).

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