The Truth Behind Spiritual Growth

True spiritual growth comes from the realization that you are inherently perfect just as you are.

The greatest lesson I have learned thus far is that endlessly seeking a deeper spirituality is often a distraction or a means to divert from ourselves for hope or understanding or meaning.

We may feel like a greater truth outside of ourselves will be our saving grace, and while its true that a Higher Power exists around us, the key is to understand it exists within us.

Spiritual seeking is an unending quest to find something you already have; the truth is inside you.

So while wisdom and truths that come in the form of your news feed, or book or blog post are incredible food for thought and inspiration, they are ultimately someone else’s understanding of their personal truth.

If we climb inside our own hearts, we find what we actually need: our personal truth. Yes, keep on being inspired. Keep on expanding consciousness based on awareness. But always run everything you see and hear through your own spiritual truth sieve.

Keep what aligns to your beliefs and ditch the rest. Make your own conclusions based on what you feel to be true for you.

I am inundated every day with truths and quips and inspiration, often enough to make my head spin. But if I keep in mind that everything I read and hear is simply someone else’s interpretation of the truth as they know it, I can stick to my spiritual guns.

I will share my personal truth in hopes that it will inspire you to deduce your own and filter out what sticks; leave the rest.

I am a being of light and love. Through the full expression of that light and love, I reveal my essence—the God that dwells within me. I am created by my Creator, therefore I am a divine piece of that which created me.

Every unique aspect of me was imprinted on my soul with Divine perfection. As long as I express my individual sparks of light fully, I am living out my soul’s purpose. I am free.

I seek to extinguish darkness to reveal all that truly is and ever will be: pure, Divine light and love.

The journey I partook in to arrive at my own personal truth consisted of endless inquiry, experience, study and contemplation. It took all of the understanding I gleaned from this journey to become aware of what I am, always was and will be.

I know understand myself as I do because I sought to know God; in seeking to know God, I really just found myself—my essence and truth—once I realized there is no separation in spiritual truth. 

We are all connected. We are one. Separation is our only form of suffering. Separation from our essence is why we seek to know some Higher Power in the first place. 

God wants us to come home, and see that our perfection, our joy, lies in the expression of our entire soul. 

Sanaya Roman says that life purpose is the process of evolving yourself. Evolving consciousness. Evolving awareness. 

And so our purpose truly becomes a journey that creates awareness of our divine perfection and union with all of the world, both physical and non-physical.

The purpose of the human journey to end needless suffering, to find our Buddha Nature or Christ Consciousness or Turiya and live from that state of awareness—awareness and experience of the presence of God both around and within you. This is enlightenment. This is bliss.

It begins and ends in our heart. So be grateful for that beating heart of yours and everything you were created as. You will find that once you stop trying to be or do or achieve, stillness creeps in. Awareness takes place and peace resides right in your very own heart.

We go on journeys to seek truth yet we ultimately collect a deeper awareness of who we really are. So if you are knee deep in a spiritual journey or just starting out, know that spirituality is always within reach. It is not something to be sought; it is always within.

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