Me Plus God Equals Solution

We are the co-conspirator of our deepest dreams: you + God = solution.

If we desire a positive outcome, we must expect a positive outcome by believing the answers to our prayers are already here.

Spiritual truth tells us that every solution we seek is already completely resolved; the only barrier that exists is us.

We create our reality with our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. If we believe that our loving God has already determined an answer to our prayers AND delivered this miracle, then we open up the pathway for it to arrive into our existence.

Without positive reinforcement through belief, we will not form the trust that lets us rest in the in-between. The in-between is where doubt, worry and frustration loves to rain all over the miracle that is attempting to come into our lives.

If we believe that everything is unfolding for our highest good, if we have enough faith to keep taking action (even if we don’t fully see the way yet), if we trust that all is resolved, then we can wait in patience for our divine miracle to arrive.

Often, the miracle shines forth on our reality the minute we choose to change our perception about a situation, person or thing. That is why we must not pray for people, situations or things to be different; we must pray for God to transform our thinking about that which we have concerns about.

If we accept that whatever is happening in our world is exactly what is supposed to for our highest good, then we can drop the need to control, change or fix whatever is happening.

This doesn’t take away our responsibility however. We must still aim to think positively, lovingly and optimistically while taking actions oriented toward faith. This is to say, if I take action A (such as to forgive this person), then action B will happen (I will begin to heal).

We aren’t changing whatever happened or attempting to alter someone (or something); we are praying that God grants us serenity in our hearts so we may forgive, let go and take the next right action.

If our thoughts, beliefs and actions are steeped in love, then our world will begin to reflect this shift. This is the miracle: knowing the instant we direct our attention to love, we have ushered in the answer to our prayers.

What are you choosing to send out to the universe? Who are you withholding love or forgiveness from? What situation needs to be revamped by letting go of the past and choosing to know the new beginning we desire is already unfolding step by step?

The equation begins and ends with us. We are the directors of our destiny.

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