Taking Flight: My Journey to Live a Passion-Driven Life

Last November, I watched Elizabeth Gilbert’s SuperSoul talk, Flight of the Hummingbird. At the time, I had a well of passion burning in my heart that was not-so-patiently waiting to be unleashed with fury. These passions of mine were dying to live, yet I had no idea how to give them life. Liz’s words took that passionate drive within me and gave me the courage to curiously embark on my own flight.

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A Raven Beginning

As I walked along the park path, a giant, blackbird flew overhead. I have seen these hawk-sized creatures in another neighborhood park without the slightest clue as to what they were.

The bird landed on the roof peering over the park. A Mockingbird quickly flew to his side, flitting about playfully with a rambunctious spirit. I see Mockingbirds nearly every visit to the park, so I pondered the relationship to the blackbird. I had a hunch that this bird is not a crow given its gargantuan size.

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Open Heart Series #051416-225

The mockingbird sings
And I flock to her song.
She sings of the beauty
And influences around her
Yet she still stands tall
And fearless as her own
Divinely created self.
It is I who takes note
Of the spirit behind
This magnificent messenger,
I am in fact a creature
Of my influences and experiences
And yet I sing my own sacred song.
I am not my past even
Though it gave me a stage
For which I learned to
Valiantly sing with abandon
Of a love so divinely inspired
That my heart’s melody
Is a heavenly medley
Of the spirit within,
Calling me forth
To fearlessly forge
My purposeful path
And unleash my inner
Song for humanity to hear.
Yes, my mockingbird sings
With a powerful voice ready
To shine unto others
The light in her heart.

-Karilyn Owens

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