The Crossroads

So, you know that crossroads I speak of often? The one at the intersection of love and fear?

I am once again at a major crossroads. MAJ. And as much as I talk love and am love, I still grapple with fear. We all do. And so my challenge lately is to live what I teach, and that is what I’m here to show you.

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New Moon Beginnings

“Every New Beginning comes from some other Beginning’s End.”


This shot I captured of tonight’s Super Moon, overlaid with one of my favorite sunset shots, represents so much positive energy flooding into my life. The magnitude of the blessings to come out of this new season of my life is indescribable. I have learned the difficult art of letting go and releasing all that is not meant for me. I have learned if you work hard enough, for long enough, with true, loving intentions, you will surely be surprised at how the Universe will reward you. I know the infinite possibilities lingering when you tap into the softness of the human heart and unleash the wild inhibitions of your soul.

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