Make Friends With Fear

As my journey continues to take me further off into the unknown, I have grappled with fear. We all deal with fear.

Without conscious practice and acknowledgement, fear can derail us from following our heart.

My spiritual awakening is paying off as I learn to work with fear rather than bury it (or worse—ignore it altogether).

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The Crossroads

So, you know that crossroads I speak of often? The one at the intersection of love and fear?

I am once again at a major crossroads. MAJ. And as much as I talk love and am love, I still grapple with fear. We all do. And so my challenge lately is to live what I teach, and that is what I’m here to show you.

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What If…

God is a cloud from which rain fell.

—Dejan Stojanovic, The Sun Watches the Sun

What if a hummingbird
is God’s way of telling us
to soak up the sweet nectar of life?

What if God gave us stars
so we can be reminded
of his light at night?

What if the stars
are a reminder
to search for our own light
even when we cannot see it?

What if a rainbow is His way
of telling us to seek out his Grace
even if we cannot see the end in sight?

What if our soulmate
is God’s way of ensuring
we reach our highest potential?

What if His love,
love for ourselves,
and love for others
is why we are here?

Look for God’s signs of love,
and when He rains down
in sadness or jubilant joy,
know that the result is love.

For we have to feel
all we feel in darkness
to return to the light inside.

—Karilyn Owens

Open Heart Series #111815-1112

My love is like an ocean.
What you see above the surface,
Is nothing compared to below.

I have a yearning inside me,
To see where these depths lead,
To see your beginning and end.

I ask that you let me in,
I am waiting at your door.

My heart was broken then,
You opened up the gates.

I see your protective measures,
Will you let me shatter your walls?

I want to hold your heart,
To love you with all of me.

My love cannot be stifled,
You will not break my depths.

If you let love run through you,
If you see the life force it brings,
Know that it cannot hinder you.

We have dreams and purpose,
That will not be sacrificed,
Our focus won’t wane.

But when the day comes,
And success is at your door,
Money and fame
does not a life make.

Love is the answer.
Love is always the answer,
So let it hold space in your heart.

See how this Union as one,
Brings you to heights unforeseen.

If God wants us together,
There will be a time and place.

No fighting will be done,
Only surrendering to what is.

Faith will keep me going,
But God will call the shots.

For now I love you near or far,
Can you admit that is enough?

–-Karilyn Owens

Open Heart Series #111815-946

I reveal my heart,
My most deep self known.

No matter what happens,
My heart burns outside my chest.

My heart shifts,
I want certainty,
I want to know why.

I feel my heart ablaze,
This feeling is new.

I cannot deny nor dismiss,
That this is why I’m here.

I want to spend my life exploring,
The potential of my wild heart.

And at the end of my life,
Whatever God brings about.

I will have faced my bleeding heart,
And the expansive power it contains.

– Karilyn Owens

Open Heart Series #12716-103

You are light.
You are love.
Seek the truth
deep in your heart
as only you can uncover.
Lift the gate.
Set the fire.
Your blood will boil
over with excitement.
This is how you will know.
Do not watch it boil.
Create the magic
that fosters the flame.
And keep going back
until the light runs out.
This is where you start.
Open your heart,
where lies cannot breathe,
where your truth resides,
where your journey awaits.
Begin again.

—Karilyn Owens

Courage to Be Myself

One doesn’t often dig into the meaning of a word, the essence behind it, or the root of the word itself. Brené Brown does this like a champ in her book, The Gifts of Imperfection. One word’s meaning stuck out to me more than others, a word that defines my journey to an open heart: courage.

The root of the word courage is in fact heart (cor). Brené defines courage as the ability to speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart. This might have been the single most vulnerable action in my journey as it was what I most struggled with in my downfall.

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The Mastery of Love

Little guy is passed out on my chest while I pick up one of my all-time favorite reads, The Mastery of Love–A Toltec Wisdom Book.

The words on these pages speak to me based on how open my heart is. Although I have read it multiple times, it’s as if I’m really hearing the wisdom for the first time.

Don Miguel Ruiz also wrote The Four Agreements, one of the most important books ever written in my humble opinion. It’s a must-read and a great precursor to The Mastery of Love.

A Toltec is an artist it Love,
an artist of the Spirit,
someone who is creating every moment,
every second, the most beautiful art – the Art of Dreaming.

Life is nothing but a dream,
and if we are artists,
then we can create our life with Love,
and our dram becomes a masterpiece of art.

—Don Miguel Ruiz, The Mastery of Love

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Open Heart Series #121315-111

If I let love run through me,
if I let down those walls,
you’ll see a heart that is waiting
for her soul to be embraced.
It won’t take too much,
just honesty, trust and faith.
Open your heart and touch mine.
Allow me to see what sparkles
from the twinge in your eyes.
We are the same, you and I,
romantic at heart, nature sweet.
Just waiting for that someone
to take us to our knees.
And thank God above
for tenderly wrapping me in you.
I will never take for granted
the gift you are to me.
Your heart will be treasured
but never held in captivity.
I’ll let you fly, as will I,
to keep our dreams afloat.
Fear not, as we will return
where we can be seen.
Don’t hold back your love;
don’t safeguard your heart.
Give me the key for I promise
to never tear us apart.
The love that I crave is
not of this world.
It’s simply one that
only God creates.
I send out my gratitude
in answer of my prayers.
I know He will be smiling,
for I am where I belong.

—Karilyn Owens

Soulful Collisions

Anyone can walk onto your path at any moment. Your job is to decide how long they walk alongside you.

We learn by doing and so allow them to prove their worth. Allow them to show their love.

At some point along the way you will either see the light they wake up inside you or they will dim your flame.

Soulmates come and go, each helping us get to the place where we come to stand on our own. That place of wholeness in our heart that was there all along.

Sometimes we can’t see what’s inside our own soul. We simply don’t believe what lingers until our soulmate shines a mirror to reflect the greatness within or the shadows buried beneath.

Never resent or take for granted the beautiful soul before you. Breathe in their grace and the lessons they bring you. And one day when your paths are ready to break, thank them with gratitude for the place you have arrived where knowingness and deep love resonate.

Take your shattered pieces that seem to have fallen and walk away toward the one true path where no one can enter if you do not choose.

Guard your precious heart with the wisdom of clarity for there will be a day when someone comes to stay. Where home feels familiar in the place they carry you.

Your path will keep steady, your journey entwined. They will see your broken pieces and love you all the same. Hold true to the one who lifts your wild heart and fills it with pure joy.

Keep the one who elevates your chosen path of dreams. And hold tight to their embrace. Their love will shake you to the core and awaken your soul.

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