Make Friends With Fear

As my journey continues to take me further off into the unknown, I have grappled with fear. We all deal with fear.

Without conscious practice and acknowledgement, fear can derail us from following our heart.

My spiritual awakening is paying off as I learn to work with fear rather than bury it (or worse—ignore it altogether).

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Open Heart Series #30116-702

When all is said and done
I want to be the one
who is standing last.
I loved you then,
I love you now,
I will love you always.
There isn’t a force
that could keep us at bay
but there is a God
who won’t let us stray.
One day we will know
exactly where we stand.
All questions aside
and feelings explored.
For now, my love
continues to grow
and I pray one day
you will begin to see
just how deep my love is,
just how much you mean to me
and just how far I’ll go to fight.

—Karilyn Owens

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