Make Friends With Fear

As my journey continues to take me further off into the unknown, I have grappled with fear. We all deal with fear.

Without conscious practice and acknowledgement, fear can derail us from following our heart.

My spiritual awakening is paying off as I learn to work with fear rather than bury it (or worse—ignore it altogether).

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Where There is Faith, Trust Must Follow

I speak of faith often but faith and trust are synonymous; you can’t have faith without trust. I am at the point where my faith has led me to unforeseen and spectacular heights that now require extreme amounts of trust to act on.

The wonderful thing is once you start practicing faith daily, your capacity to believe in greatness and miracles exponentially increases. When it comes time to say yes to the life you aspire to live, it becomes so much easier to trust in yourself, in your dreams, and in a higher power with faith in your pocket.

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Open Heart Series #030816-800

Follow what lights
Your on heart fire
And sets your soul free.
Take a giant leap
And choose love.
You may not know
Where you will land,
But following your passions
Far outweighs living
On the sidelines in fear.
Would you rather feel
Painstakingly alive,
Following your passions
Into the unknown abyss?
Would you rather feel
Your heart burning in
Your chest or
Wonder what
Could have been
Had you courageously
Said yes to love?
Would rather not know
Where your leap lands
Or have your feet
Firmly planted right
Where you are in
An unexplored life?
When at the crossroad
Of fear and love,
choose love,
Every damn time.

—Karilyn Owens

With Each Blessed Breath


It is nights like tonight that I am reminded to push through even when it seems futile. I was gifted my yoga teacher’s new book, Supreme Breath after responding correctly to her pop quiz question. And to think I almost missed this class due to absent mindedness. I forgot to pack pants this morning. As I contemplated the idea of missing class, my intuition improvised a plan to get on my mat no matter what.

Yoga always bring me back to the present through breath. Obstacles melt away, and my efforts are humbly affirmed. I engage the life force energy within through pranayama and true to form, I remember why I work so hard to get on my mat.

Deb left us with the simple message to follow your heart (a message I needed terribly). The person you may become by doing so is quite possibly who you are meant to be. Heart work changes you by pushing beyond your comfort zone. You find your deepest purpose here. You can choose to go back to a lesser life after engaging your heart in everything you do, but why would you ever want to take a step back? Fear. That is why.

With every treacherous step forward into the unknown, our ego attempts to counter with an equally dangerous retreat. But when you follow your heart, that leap is almost always guaranteed to land you in a better place as long as you lean into faith. So, kick the living crap out of fear. Go ahead. Don’t be afraid of what or who you may leave behind. Your past is the past for a reason.

I am right smack in the middle of creating my realized dream. Most days seem to pass by without any means of progress or inspiration to move forward, but then I take one small step into my heart. What follows is always magical, no matter how small the nudge is in the right direction. Today, this quote on faith knocked right on my heart and begged me to let my dreams enter.

When you believe, when you put in the hours, when you do your best work, when you keep going, eventually, you’ll find that luck has very little to do with your success. It starts with a dream, but a dream has to become your life for your life to become that dream fully realized. You can totally do it. Start where you are and commit to getting to where you want to be.

For me, love and faith are synonymous in reaching for your dreams. Once you are living an awakened life through opening your heart, it will take infinite amounts of faith to continue onward when you are called to a higher path and purpose. If you choose to remain open and fall on faith, faith that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be, you will be sent confirmation that you are making progress.

I am grateful for the confirmation I received today by pressing on and practicing yoga. The fruits of yoga are infinite, but above all else, I am reminded to live within the vital life force, the essence that resides inside my heart. Take a deep breath and ponder that energy within your own heart. What is it yearning for you to hear?

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