Change Starts With You

Don’t like what you see in the world? Be the voice of a generation that is bringing Love back. Speak out against hate. Reject violence as the answer to divisiveness. Actual change starts within you.

Never underestimate the power of one person to create a ripple of love in this world. I know how it feels to think you are helpless to effect change, but you are not helpless. You are a powerful being of Love created by God, who is pure Love. Love has the power to cancel out fear and hate.

Change happens when we do our own personal work by noticing the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are less than loving and decide to do something to challenge these barriers to love. We effect far more change when we address ourselves with an open, honest inventory.

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My Word of the Year


I chose gratitude as my word of 2015. I constantly worked to create and cultivate this feeling in my everyday life through my gratitude jar. Gratitude filled my heart with acceptance, presence, awareness and ultimately love: love for what is, what has been and what could be.

I find myself choosing a new word for 2016.

Due to my year of gratitude, I am radiating happiness from within so brightly that I can’t help myself. I can’t help but shine that energy outward.

And so I am led quite effortlessly to my word for 2016: sprout.

Sprout where I have planted my gracious heart and allow that love to grow like weeds and spread like wildfire wherever I go.

Sprout with my roots of understanding and awareness of my limitless soul and potential for spreading light.

Sprout with the knowledge I acquired from relentlessly watering my hungry heart last year.

Sprout with intention to discover the potential of my purpose as a light seeker, love dweller and infinite soul.

Sprout with the faith to trust another human with my heart and gently hold theirs in my palm.

Sprout with the dream I have placed on my heart and harness the power to create it step by step.

Sprout with the lessons I hold emblazoned on my heart as a reminder to live boldly and bravely always.

Sprout with the kindness and compassion that one gathers only by living with an open heart.

How will you grow in 2016? 

Ditch the resolutions and simply choose to sprout where you are planted. Know in your heart that you are perfect in this moment.

Always water your heart with more love than you think is needed. Only then will you have an overflow of joy to affect those around you.

Here are my tips for taking the love in your heart and spreading seeds of intention wherever you go:

Choose a random act of kindness that pervades the current state of our world with hope. Acts can involve money but favors and deeds will impact someone on a deeper level.

Befriend someone you know could use some uplifting and encouragement.

Hug longer and harder than you usually do and don’t be the one to let go first.

Pause in moments when you want to react adversely and choose to be your higher self.

Smile at strangers. You won’t know how much they need your light until you see it reflected in their reaction.

And if your 2016 is beginning in a dark place, choose to spread your kindness inward and love yourself through whatever battle you are facing.

You are love. You are enough. And you too can sprout after you put down loving roots in your heart.

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