Seeds of Intention

My chosen word of the year is sprout. I have the intention to grow and evolve using the foundation I set the past year. With only a few months into 2016, I have noticed the incredible impact my word has already made.

I began a new practice every night, at the suggestion of my wise friend, Sharri, to review the positive intentions that I set forth throughout the day. And to carry out my word of 2015, gratitude, I begin each day with all that I am grateful for. This sets the most wonderful tone that keeps me in a place of love all day. I find just how much my intentions change when I am steeped in gratitude.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.

– Melody Beattie

While I am about to drift off to sleep, with my phone set aside, I list the intentions I carried out in love that day. Rather than focusing on my usual fear and anxiety-ridden worries or what I didn’t get done, I shift my mind to what I did do that day—accomplishments, acts of kindness, loving gestures, goals met—and revel in the feeling of satisfaction of the beautiful intentions I set out into the world.

I think of this practice as the intention-counting version of the old adage of counting sheep. It fills my soul with feelings of being good enough, loving enough and being just plain enough. This sends gratitude out into the Universe for the loving intentions I was able to reach.

Intentions are an order form to the universe.

– Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

The way this practice has changed my life already is unfathomable; I used to stay awake burdened by feelings of inadequacy and every negative thought possible swirling around in my already-full mind. I now fall asleep knowing that I did the best I could today, and really that’s all we ever can do: our best.

Yes, you probably didn’t make that phone call to your grandmother, pick up the dry cleaning, spend enough time with your kids (or fur baby) or be nice enough to your nagging co-worker, but does any of that truly matter in the moments before you rest? All that matters is that you showed up today and you did your best. When you look to the positive, you choose to not only keep your outlook positive, but your body will also respond to that positivity too.

If you’re like me and love to set high standards and constantly work toward higher awareness and self-improvement, these little reviews at the end of your day are a good indicator of whether you’re in a heart space or living in fear. Because we all live busy and fast-paced lives, sometimes it is difficult to really set your intentions on a better path day to day. So, my trick is to set intentions and goals at the beginning of the lunar cycle (or the first of the month if that works for you).

When the New Moon is upon us, there is a heightened energy gateway for new beginnings; this is the perfect time to think back to how you felt in the passing weeks and how you may want to shift your attitude, behaviors or mindset. Write down your new intentions or simply sit under the dark sky and think them over. By the time the Full Moon has arrived, your intentions will come with it. Full Moons bring the manifestations we set forward into the Universe. Using this practice, I have seen miracles play out in my life around the time the Full Moon shines its majestic beauty down on Earth.

In order to grow, the seeds of love must be firmly planted in YOUR heart.


So as the darkness fills your bedroom tonight, under the New Moon, or under any moon, what did you do today that you feel proud of? Smile at a stranger? Hug your children extra long? Reach your new fitness or health goal? Eat a salad when you really wanted fries? Sit and relax to still your busy mind? Nearly anything you attempted today can fit into this list. If it brings a smile of satisfaction to your heart, then by all means remember how that made you feel. And sleep tight knowing you are always enough.

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