Following a Ridiculous Path of Faith

I stumbled upon a woman of sincere faith in the elevator of a nursing home this week; it wasn’t so much a stumble as it was a nudge. The elevator was going up; I was going down. I got on without the slightest clue that I was riding in the wrong direction. But God was only nudging me in the right direction.

GeorgeAnn had a red rose pin on her lapel; I knew she was someone I needed to meet. Along with pointing me toward a monastery in Littleton, CO and sharing endless facts about certain saints and sisters, she laid a wisdom nugget on me which I’m sharing with you.

If we are willing to do the ridiculous, God will do the miraculous.

-GeorgeAnn Reagan

I love how God’s encouraging messages descend upon me via any means necessary, including an outspoken woman in an elevator. I continue to chip away at my life purpose and spiritual career, and it feels like I’m often walking in the dark as I transition out of a career that has served me well for seven years. Her message was the motivation I needed to keep marching forward.

So, as I embark on a journey that at times feels quite ridiculous and daunting, I am renewed in the promise of miracles if I keep my eye on the target: a spiritual career that extends the love, peace, power and healing of God. I’m not doing it because miracles will follow; I am simply following the agenda my soul came here to fulfill. Ridiculous? Maybe. But the chance to serve others is the true miracle.

In reviewing the meaning of life this week, my teacher said we are here to cherish others. While I am aiming to satisfy my soul’s purpose through my new career, I am called to help others on a similar path of empowerment and healing. 

What is your soul guiding you toward that seems ridiculous or outrageous? What is that inner voice saying in the stillness between your endless thoughts? Our intuition (or seat of the soul) speaks to us in the moments of silence when our minds are at ease. Go in retreat if you need stillness. Sit in meditation. Ask for answers to be revealed then listen. 

The beauty of our intuition and wisdom is it is simply a knowing. The monkey mind will attempt to make a federal case for or against something. It does this to combat the truth in our heart which often takes us into unknown territory. But our heart already knows the path we wish to travel. Be willing to receive answers via this wisdom center. We already know. The knowing only needs time to travel from our heart to our head.

Faith ends up being the magical ingredient while we withstand trial. God knows we will need endless testimony along the way to assure we are right to do the ridiculous. If we stay on our path, we will be met by miracles. And on those days when we aren’t quite hearing the truth or listening to the voice of love, we’ll meet messengers like GeorgeAnn in elevators. That is the love of God.

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