How to Solve Problems

Problems sculpt us because they force us to grow. Our soul is here to experience expansion (or we wouldn’t be having this human experience).

If our purpose is to evolve into our true selves, then problems are imperative. Which is precisely why we must see problems as opportunities rather than set backs.

Opportunities to gain deeper understanding of ourselves and others, opportunities to practice forgiveness on ourselves and others, opportunities to rise beyond limiting belief systems and old patterns. And in the case of today’s post: opportunities to deepen our spiritually.

The list goes on, but I think we all get the picture. As I allow my own soul to expand into a higher calling and career, I have encountered problem after problem ranging from not having a penny to my name to finding my head so far under the sand of overwhelm and confusion.

And yet, God has been my co-conspirer on my mission to serve through my purpose; I humbly bowed to each problem knowing my calling is so much bigger than my own ego’s need to be in control. As I begin to encounter the issue of income while I grow my business, I hurriedly attempted to come up with my own solution. As much as I trust that I am supported, my Ego is still gripping to the reigns.

As I sat in prayer recently, I asked God how I could surrender my problem to Him; within a day or so, a thought was downloaded to me: apply for a business loan. I considered this option: rather than scurry anxiously to come up with income streams overnight, could God be giving me a solution to do things thoughtfully and carefully?

I sat with the idea longer until I asked God during my morning walk to show me if this is the right move. And I put it out of my mind and into His hands. An hour later, I received a phone call from a nondescript company telling me I may be eligible for a business loan. Mind you, I never receive calls like this. Ever. And after I explained that I do not make $15,000 in sales a month (who would need a business loan making that cash?!), I hung up the phone in awe.

I don’t know how God arranged this call, but I do know that this was the confirmation I prayed for. God had just provided a solution to my problem.

I could not have reached this point in my risky-business plan without God as my CEO and business partner. And thanks to Dr. Wayne Dyer, I discovered how to usher in solutions to my problems. His masterful book, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem provides the steps to gain access to the spiritual source for problem-solving.

He teaches that problems are no more than illusions of the mind, created in the mind by Ego; our Ego seeks to control our lives rather than surrender to spirit to co-create solutions.

You have no problems, though you think you have.

A Course in Miracles

There are three simple (yet complex) steps to accessing spirit-directed problem-solving:


We must recognize the availability of Spirit to assist us with our problems. This takes great surrender and belief that we are far more than a human having human experiences, but a soul having human experiences. Once we acknowledge that our soul is limitless and connected to spirit, we affirm that we are not alone in solving our problems. This recognition initiates access to a higher power outside of ourselves.

Affirmation: I acknowledge the presence of a spiritual solution to my problems. My problems exist in the mind, yet solutions exist in my heart where all possibilities dwell. For I am a spirit first, human second. I commit myself to the recognition that a spiritual solution exists.


The second step to access spiritual problem-solving comes with experience. Once recognition happens, we have invited Source to step into our lives. When we realize the spiritual source is indeed acting in our lives, our knowledge surpasses intellectual reasoning. The very knowledge that we are a spirit connected to all beings, both form and formless, invites our psyche to transcend the illusion of problems thereby reaching realization.

At this level, we are able to attract solutions by aligning ourselves with the very source that helps us surpass our problems. Think of ourselves as a magnet, attracting everything we need to reach solutions. The more we allow this spiritual recognition, the greater our realization becomes. This is how we usher in solutions.

Affirmation: I am a magnet for miracles; I realize that there is a force greater than I that is pulling me in the direction of solutions.


Lastly, yet most importantly, we must commune with the spiritual force behind our solutions. This can be done through prayer or silent meditation or whatever way we honor our connection with the Divine. In communing with the Divine, we affirm our sense of oneness with Source. We may realize we are in union with this source in solving our problems, yet we must also practice reverence. Reverence comes from acknowledging we are a part of God by growing intimate with our Divinity. By turning inward to our Higher (God) Self, we allow our ego’s limited solutions to shut off; this is how we access the unlimited solutions of God. It is our spiritual power within that will be downloaded with a solution. Thinking we have to fix our problems on our own is irreverently ignoring our connection to the Divine; this is how problems persist and grow.

Affirmation: I surrender to the power of my spiritual self knowing I am in communion with God. As I sit in quiet Union, I shut off my own ego’s solutions in favor of a spiritual solution. I let go of my ego’s need to control and let God usher in a solution. I am open to the spiritual solution to my problem as I am one with spirit.

There is peace in recognizing, realizing and revering a spiritual solution to our problems. When we put these steps into practice, we align with the higher energy of spirit rather than succumb to the energies of worry and fear. If we allow faith to permeate our being rather than fear, we send a signal of trust to the Universe. This gives way to the Divine plan for our lives to unfold. And isn’t that Divine realization, recognition and reverence far superior to dwelling on our problems? I can certainly say so, and I hope one day you will, too.

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