Finding Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a tricky thing. But left untouched it will pervade our very existence with the low vibration caused by such hurt or pain.

Waiting for the perpetrator to apologize or even acknowledge their responsibility is handing them the key to our wellbeing as if it’s their right to affect us adversely.

If we acknowledge our own worthiness of being peaceful individuals, the focus on self worth gives us the nudge we need to find peace in the absence of apologies.

Forget who is wrong or right or where to place blame; this simply permeates our being with more of the insidious energy that prevented peace initially.

We can choose to forgive not because we are giving someone a pass, but because our happiness and peace is more important than being right or feeling justice in our situation.

Today I decided to forgive you. Not because you apologized or acknowledged the pain you caused me, but because my soul deserves peace.

-Najwa Zebian

We can tell ourselves that anyone on any day is doing the best they can given their own reality and levels of love.

This doesn’t let anyone off the hook or downplay actions; we must all take responsibility for our actions. It does however take any anger or frustration and let it move out of us to be transmuted by love and compassion.

I like to think anyone acting cruel is reflecting the current level of pain in their heart.

Lift the pain in your own heart so you may live from compassionate kindness.

You deserve peace. Say it. Believe it. Then accept it.

Take the energy of the full moon tonight and release all the pain from your weary heart and choose to allow the warm summer night to ease the hurt, the pain and the weariness.

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