Feel Your Way To Your Dreams

To get where we want to go, we must focus on how we want to FEEL.

We may not even know what we want exactly or where that direction takes us, but we do know how we want to feel, and that is something we can be certain of. It’s almost always the opposite of how we may be feeling now: unfulfilled, stuck, anxious, worried or fearful.

When we focus on how badly we are feeling or what we lack, we will ultimately attract more reasons to feel this way. The flip side of focus is fear, meaning we focus on something because we fear we don’t have it in our lives.

So, rather than focus on situations or desires or relationships we’d like to manifest into our lives, just feel your way to them. Let go of the intense focus on these things occurring. We know how we’ll feel when they manifest, so simply focus on how we’ll feel when they arrive.

By feeling how we want to feel, we can certainly expect our lives to shift in unimaginable ways (even if the outcome differs from our expectation). This is possible because feelings carry charges or vibrations that act like a sonar, searching for the like vibration and attracting it into our field of energy.

Here’s the secret sauce to getting what we want: manifesting lies solely on sending out the vibration of what we’d like to attract. It’s not enough to THINK about what we want. We need to FEEL loved, joyful, fulfilled, happy and excited right now thereby bringing in more reasons to feel those meaningful feelings.

These positive feelings are going to shift our realties faster than we can snap our fingers; we’ll remove fear and other illusions by shifting our focus away from what we don’t have while simultaneously bringing in the vibrations that deliver our desires.

Do whatever it takes to feel the feelings you desire even if it’s five minutes a day. Find the time to include the activities or people that facilitate true joy, happiness, exuberance, fulfillment or (insert feeling here).

And remember, while we feel our way to our dreams and goals, it isn’t the destination that brings us all we think it will. Life is about the person we become as we struggle to grow into the best version of ourselves along the journey .

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