How To Create Your Desired Reality

We are the creators of our reality: our thoughts, beliefs, actions and feelings define our experience, and it is up to us to align everything we think, say, believe and do with out desired outcomes.

God desires the very best for us, but as long as we stay trapped by our self-imposed limitations, we cannot open up to the miracles that are waiting in the limitless vastness that is God’s universe.

The difference between hoping our desires come to fruition and seeing them manifest into our realties is by getting into the high-vibe space that is a vibrational match for our desires.

Our feelings output energy, and every feeling we have is a result of our thoughts. The more negative the thought (or a belief based on thoughts), the lower our energetic output becomes. It’s as if we put up walls around us in order to prevent the solutions that show up in miraculous ways.

To get from feeling stuck to finding solutions, we have to get in a creative space fostered by feelings of joy, passion, motivation, excitement, anticipation and empowerment. We have to FEEL our way to our desires by imagining them as true in this moment. How would it feel to see what you desire come true?

Once we get into this space of imagination and positive feelings, we raise our vibration and settle into the ideas, inspirations and creativity that precedes solutions.

Oftentimes, God answers our prayers by turning our negative mindset into solution-oriented, miracle machines. He won’t always snap His fingers and provide what we want instantaneously; He will lead us to the solution that brings us what we need to reach our dreams.

If we were all genies with a magic lamp, how would we appreciate the fulfillment of our wishes without the perseverance and heart it takes to reach our dreams? And what kind of person would we be if we simply got what we wanted without the struggles that build our character and prepare us for our destinies?

Find the Root of Negative Feelings

Now that we understand how to get in a space that supports miracles to arrive, we have to look at the limiting beliefs that continue to downgrade our energy with repetitive thoughts that block good from reaching us.

It takes honesty, tolerance and patience to review that stories we play like broken records. These worn-out beliefs stomp all over our power, truth and potential.

Nearly every story boils down to our levels of worthiness and deservingness and adequacy, but until we look at the untruths, we’ll never formulate truth that aligns with our limitless power and potential.

When thoughts arise that do not feel empowering, we need to look at the feeling associated with it. The underlying feeling is the indicator of our fears, doubts and anxieties (which add onto each other with surmounting pressure until they form limiting beliefs). Thoughts arise incessantly that support and reinforce our beliefs; when the belief is fear-based and defined by limitation, our thoughts will reflect this fear and a negative feeling will arise.

Fear-based beliefs have supported and sustained our survival up until this point, and our mind thinks we need them to remain safe. Yet, these thoughts and the feelings that underlie them have prevented our true power and potential; we aren’t looking to merely survive when we dream of all that we desire. We are born to thrive.

When we pinpoint the motive behind our beliefs and see the fear-mongering thoughts that surround them, we understand they no longer serve our highest potential and will continue to lower the vibration that would otherwise align with the answers to our prayers.

Release Beliefs Through Surrender

Once we are aware of our limiting beliefs and feelings (and the motive behind them), we can take the next step to release them. The secret to bringing our thoughts and beliefs into alignment with our desires is to surrender. By letting go of the feelings that surround our fears, doubts and anxieties, we can begin to enter a space that supports solutions.

By surrendering our fear of the outcomes we may or may not reach, we can begin to take the necessary action steps that will answer our prayers. Fear-based beliefs will freeze any forward motion that could potentially put us at risk. Our ego wants to avoid risks at all costs; playing it safe will continue to attract similar unsatisfying circumstances resulting in the same unfulfilled feelings we feel now.

Surrender is an act that requires deep, unwavering faith. Until we believe that there’s a power far greater than our own understanding, we will always rely on our own power and the fear-based ego that motivates it with limited mentalities. Faith knows that we are supported, guided and led to miracles by a God that is unlimited in power—a power that gives us access to the knowledge, opportunities, courage, assistance, motivation and wisdom that leads us to solutions.

Often, when we surrender a situation to God, God leads us to change our perspective regarding the situation through a lens of love rather than shifting the situation itself. This includes seeing our own power to implement changes that answer our prayers. God knows the peace that grows from accepting what is and the courage to change what we can is the key to finding serenity in challenging times while reaching the light that awaits us.

Take Faith-Backed Action

Surrender does not negate action on our part; quite the opposite is true. Fear has prevented us from taking positive action. Surrender allows us to step into the realm of possibilities that results from taking action in alignment with our desires. The only way we can do this faithfully, is to let go of our attachment to a particular outcome and trust that we are supported by God in each and every step we take.

When we accept God wants the best for us (and has a plan that fulfills our destiny), we get into a mindset that believes every action we take to support our dreams will be rewarded by an equally positive reaction. This is spiritual law, and will always bring us miracles when we step into alignment with our authentic truth, potential and power through God.

God lives within each and every one of us. Solutions are as simple as letting go of limiting beliefs, getting into a creative, empowering space of action, and waiting for the best solution to arise in our hearts and minds. Surrendering is the only way to see the best possible solution for us to take, because it wipes away fear, attracts the limitless support of the universe and gives us the faith to step out into the unknown.

When we surrender attachment to outcome, we also open up to possibilities that we otherwise block by fear. Signs will show up that lead us to answers, doors will open that provide opportunities and our positive mind will begin to create solutions where only blocks once stood.

With God on our side and surrender in our mind, our heart is free to seek the steps to solutions that bring us from feeling stuck to feeling free, empowered, inspired and motivated to step into greatness.

We find peace amidst any storm when we accept God has already solved our problems; God has infinite power and access to solutions that are outside of our mind. We find these solutions when we surrender and align with the beliefs born from our own God-given mind, heart and power.

Act in Alignment with the Truth

The final step to create our desired reality is to align our thoughts, beliefs and actions with a new truth. This truth reflects our inherent loveability, goodness, deservingness, worthiness, ability and power. If we release negative beliefs without embracing a new set of truths, our fear-based persona will win the battle every time we attempt to act in alignment with our dreams.

In order to win the overall war and follow our hearts to our desired reality, we must try on our new belief system and wear it with a fierce determination every moment along the way. Transforming our reality depends on the energy behind our thoughts, and the forward momentum created when acting on these new, empowered beliefs.

These beliefs will not feel like our truth right away; it takes persistence to wear our true power every day. Put on these positive thoughts just like we put on clothes each morning. We wouldn’t leave the house without clothes on; why leave our positivity at home in our closet?

Our reality lies in our hands; we hold the power to see our wildest dreams come true. God is directing us to change our thoughts and align with the perfect creation we are in order to see the highest vision for our life unfold. Once we act on beliefs that are grounded in love, we fill up with feelings of empowerment that attract every good opportunity, solution, door, person and blessing to us. God ensures this; it’s up to us to open our arms by letting our walls of fear down once and for all.

Tip: Writing down beliefs will begin to cement them in our psyches. Write them on the mirror, on sticky notes placed around our home, office and car and say them aloud whenever possible. And do not leave the house without putting on beliefs that support your highest.

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