The Persuasive Appeal of Web Design

I have spent nearly four months working on my latest freelance project which is in part why it’s been so long since I have written. When a seemingly surefire job lead fell through at the end of March, I was instantaneously presented with a serendipitous opportunity from a former boss. When people say, “It’s who you know that counts,” they are dead serious. But more poignantly than who you know is an outlook I so wholeheartedly adhere to:Continue Reading..

What I Know For Sure

On January 26, 2014 my world was turned upside down when I received shocking and devastating news. My 27-year-old sister, Kali, discovered she has three brain tumors. After immediate surgery to remove the largest tumor and perform a biopsy, the results we never wanted to hear were delivered. Her tumors were in fact malignant glioblastomas – grade 4.

You cannot imagine how news like this will change your life in an instant. Suddenly, your problems and trials seem much less significant. Overnight, life takes on a new meaning with an underlying sense of urgency. You see, Kali just got married seven months ago to the love of her life and best friend, Chris Youngblood. They could not have fathomed that their new marriage would be tested in this way. Luckily, Kali is an extremely strong person (both mentally and physically), and has an incredible attitude. Her husband and rock keeps her smiling through every moment.Continue Reading..

Kari Kards

Art is positively a lifeline for me. As a child, I bled cerulean blue (my go-to Crayola crayon). I was mesmerized by the vibrant array of color options in a 64, 96 or (dare I say) 120 count boxes. My intrigue and obsession grew as I took as many art classes as possible. I explored endless mediums at ASU’s Herberger Institute for Art and Design workshops. As my perfectionist personality developed, I tediously refined every little detail of every project. I had found my calling and nothing else would come between me and my true love for art.Continue Reading..

Writing and Art: My Gifts to This World

Writing is another passion of mine, so when presented with the opportunity to write blog posts for Terralever on design, I did a happy dance. Okay, so maybe that dance was in my mind. But, when you love something and are as passionate as I am, work just doesn’t seem like work. Even if I am fine-tuning my articles at 2am (since I always seem to choose timely subjects), I am still chipper as can be. Plus, like any seasoned artist and writer, I thrive on deadlines.Continue Reading..

Behavior is Our Medium

From Good to Great: Digital Experiences That Don’t Suck

The whole notion of evolving as an interaction designer to make better products is a constant in my mind. I was traditionally trained, earning a BFA in Graphic Design. While I gained an incredible foundation for design, both traditional and digital, experience design had not yet emerged in a real way. I designed websites for the sake of translating information onto the web. I could not devote my life’s work to something so primitive.Continue Reading..

Ira, I Will Never, Ever Stop

I will openly admit that I am overly critical of my work. Because I am my own worst critic, I often become disappointed by my work. Plus, I’m not one to embrace the notion of “good enough.” I stuck to my ambitious guns and broke past the era where my design work was just not good. I have been blessed with wonderful opportunities that allowed me to push past mundane, average work to get to work I am proud of. After five years in the workforce, I humbly admit that I am not in the great category yet. Sure, I am creating good work, certainly good enough work, and I do surprise myself often.

Continue Reading..

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