Building a Solid Spiritual Foundation

As I approached a tree that I have passed endless times before, a whisper called to me saying, “Sit and stay awhile.” The dogs were happily chewing away on grass, so I sat upon the cement bed that encircled the base of the tree.

This tree has caught my intrigue in the past, but I never stopped long enough to ponder the cause behind this intrigue until a few weeks ago; I noticed that the embankment that encircles the tree has been cracked by the power of the tree’s roots. This wondrous force of nature to break through cement in order to expand its roots is actually a perfect metaphor for spiritual truth.

Until today, I never connected the roots as a metaphor, because I didn’t allow my intrigue to grow from intellectual curiosity to wondrous insight. Just last night, my angels sent a message to spend ample time in nature, not just because it reboots my mind and spirit, but because it can also supply creative ideas (which blossom into powerful spiritual growth).tree-breaking-foundation

I sat still as the spiritual light bulb clicked on and the thought prospered into a powerful realization behind the tree’s outgrowth of the man-mad foundation placed above it. This is the same kind of fear-based conditioning and programming we receive as children that halts our imaginative growth and ability to occupy a heart-centered approach to living and loving.

I have broken down every barrier that held me back from living consciously from my heart. And I see clearly how my own perception based on programming in the form of limiting beliefs and mindsets were formed in my mind. And when I realized that I have the final say, I enlisted my power to push past those foundational barriers to further spread my roots to a spiritual life path and purpose.

In choosing to create a new reality based on beliefs that are supported by my newly awakened, higher self, I gained the freedom to live an empowered existence—one that rings true to my spiritual self, and gifts me the courage to follow my spiritual life purpose and calling to serve others with my light.

At some point in our adult life, we will outgrow the foundation planted along our life’s path; we can choose to plant new spiritual seeds that are rooted in the truth of our higher self. This is our purpose while on this planet—to grow as a race and evolve our consciousness.

-Karilyn Owens

We are not meant to stay in the same house for our entire lives; our upbringing built a foundation as children, because we didn’t have the ability nor the power to put up our own foundation, walls and roof. We relied on our parents or caretakers to do so.

At some point in our lives, we fly the coop and embark on a mission to use the wings we have been gifted throughout childhood and early adulthood. For some (or most like me), our wings will be clipped to a certain extent causing us to rely heavily on our parents for emotional or physical support.

It is at this point that we begin to trust in our own instincts, intuition, abilities and power through the lessons we meet along the way to independence. We are meant to encounter every experience and situation and person in order to learn the lessons needed to evolve and grow (aka our karma). What and who we encounter is largely based on our intentions (karma is the result of our actions).

At some point along our path (if we are lucky enough), we encounter an obstacle that acts as a blessing in disguise. This blessing in the darkness of our suffering serves as a wake up call; a call to start living through the heart and surpassing barriers of fear, self-doubt, negative thoughts and limiting perceptions (all acts of suffering we picked up along the path to adulthood).

I believe that suffering is a man-made condition, and it is our right as spiritual beings to choose a better way by easing Ego-based action and leaning on our soul and heart to guide the way.

Many of us outgrow the foundation planted along our life’s path; we can choose to plant new spiritual seeds that are rooted in the truth of our higher self. This is our purpose while on this planet—to grow as a race and evolve our consciousness.

This path is not for everyone as it takes a journey inside oneself to the depths of our human suffering to reveal our true inner nature as a soul. This spiritual path is littered with self-realizations that lead to deep inner work to uncover and heal emotional wounds—wounds that create much of our daily suffering.

The wound is the place where the light enters you.


The opportunity to heal these wounds and plant new roots that are nourished with the truth of our higher selves (as spiritual beings of light) is life’s greatest gift. Exposing our wounds to the light means gaining awareness of how they are dis-serving our growth.

The path of spirituality waters our inner spirit allowing the foundation we outgrow as a purely physical self to surpass the obstacles of humanity and suffering. When we live in terms of a body with a soul rather than a soul living in a body, we stunt our own tree’s growth; we limit our potential to break past the cement embankment surrounding our soul.

When I embarked on my own spiritual journey after several catastrophic wake up calls, I can say that I had no idea what to expect, or where it would take me or how treacherous this path can sometimes be; sitting here as a spiritually awakened and enlightened soul (with a blessed house to live in), I can testify to the truth: knowing what I know and living how I live, I can say without a pinch of hesitation that this is the ONLY way worth living for me.

Before I gifted myself the blessing of a new beginning, the amount of suffering and “problems” I experienced were enough to sometimes question my desire to continue living in my body. Between bouts of depression, multiple health battles, major life-altering surgery, self-limiting thoughts, negativity and multiple failed attempts at love, I often questioned the weight of my woes being greater than my will to live.

But that is the beauty behind dark, challenging times. They are blessings if we choose to allow them to foster growth and higher consciousness by being aware of the causes of our suffering. We have the power to enlist the resilience of our spirit to see us through any kind of curve ball life throws us.

Because there will be curve balls, and sometimes the speed or amount at which they’re thrown is enough to make you want to quit, but our soul is unbreakable—it knows limitlessness and will always find a way to slip in a whisper from the Higher Self via intuition; from this level of soul awareness, we awaken the courage, resilience, and inner power needed to choose a better way, one that can eventually lead us to discover the truth of our Higher Selves’ existence.

We are here to evolve; God never intended for any self-perceived or man-made limitations to conquer our spirit. Really, we need these wake up calls to hit us where it hurts so we may live through the heart.

And the path to love is the only one leading to sustainable inner peace; with the new foundation we’ve planted using seeds of intention through our Higher Self, we are able to watch those roots blossom into the mighty force of a tree—one with plenty of leaves drenched in love, joy, freedom, truth, radiance, gratitude and light.

It is through this evolution of spirit that we begin to explore our purpose on this Earth as spiritual beings. From this place we can fulfill a calling to serve the world with our light, as the full expression of our Higher Selves using the God-given truth and gifts of the road-less-traveled.

So, I leave you with this sentiment:

Choose wisely; your thoughts, intentions, actions and words are creating your reality. There is always a higher way, a kinder way, a more grateful way and a more loving way. It is imperative to set our awareness on each individual step we take, believing that if we water the seeds of life ( aka thoughts, actions, words, intentions) with love and light, our world will shift in incomprehensible ways.

I know mine has. And I know yours will. Namaste.

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