Build a Bedrock of Faith

When our foundation is made of fear and ego-based thoughts, we are more apt to fall through the quicksand of life’s eruptions.

After so many sinking moments in my life, I saw that I needed something to hold onto. Hope seemed to only settle my heart momentarily. Because ultimately hope isn’t faith. 

Like Jim Carrey says, “Hope is a beggar.” It breeds the same kind of fear resistance that our ego loves to hang onto, because it doesn’t require any action on our part.

Faith requires action in order to activate the power that God holds. Which is why it is so important to build a new foundation of faith. Faith gives us the very power of God; when we trust that we have God on our side we start to surrender the Ego’s need for certainty and safety. 

The beauty of faith is it ushers in miracles. Every time we believe in the power of God to create miracles, love rushes in to build our faith. 

The pragmatic part of me understands how hard it is to have faith without any tangible reason to believe. Which is why I feel my mission is to boost the faith of those who need it most.

If that is you, I am living proof of God’s miracles. I witness them daily. But don’t take my word for it. 

The thing about faith is we have to make room in our lives for miracles. We have to believe in the possibility of miracles for them to arrive–that is faith. Faith takes action which is why it is so favorable to hope.

One small step can make a huge difference. This step has to involve choosing love by bypassing fear. And choosing love always means taking a step beyond fear, beyond the pervasive thoughts that Ego fills us with daily. 

You will only ever have two choices: love or fear. Choose love and don’t ever let fear turn you against your playful heart.

– Jim Carrey

Opening our heart to love is the single most important part of faith. We will fail to surrender to faith and choose love if we don’t listen to our heart.

Marianne Williamson so beautifully wrote, “Love is the absolute reality, which never changes and never dies. Dwelling in that which does not change, while things around us are changing all the time, is our key to inner peace.”

Choose love no matter what surrounds your circumstances. Step into the quiet space of your heart—the only place where peace exists, the only thing that can distinguish the voice of our soul from the voice of the ego. 

When life erupts, and it is guaranteed to erupt in some form at some point, go to your heart. Sit in the stillness long enough to make space for God. Faith speaks when we open our heart to the possibilities of Love.

To shut off fear with faith, sit with the knowingness that love is the sovereign ruler and the only form of peace when storms roll in.

That is how we begin to build a bedrock of faith, which it turns out is the only way to remain unsinkable in the quicksand of life.

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