Open Heart Series #51616-1052

When I look to the sky
And to the clouds,
All is well.
When I look to the stars
and to the moon,
All is well.
When I look to the
Trees and the birds
And the blooms,
All is well.
All is well when
Nature is upon me,
When the Heavens
Meet the Earth
In every spectacular
Breeze of the wind,
Rustle of the leaves,
Stigma of a rose,
And chirp of a bird.
All is well because
The force behind
The cumulus clouds
And the rainbows
And the butterflies
Is surely the force
Moving inside of me.
And in that space,
Where I feel the whole
World move through me,
I know in fact
All is well.

-Karilyn Owens

Open Heart Series #051416-225

The mockingbird sings
And I flock to her song.
She sings of the beauty
And influences around her
Yet she still stands tall
And fearless as her own
Divinely created self.
It is I who takes note
Of the spirit behind
This magnificent messenger,
I am in fact a creature
Of my influences and experiences
And yet I sing my own sacred song.
I am not my past even
Though it gave me a stage
For which I learned to
Valiantly sing with abandon
Of a love so divinely inspired
That my heart’s melody
Is a heavenly medley
Of the spirit within,
Calling me forth
To fearlessly forge
My purposeful path
And unleash my inner
Song for humanity to hear.
Yes, my mockingbird sings
With a powerful voice ready
To shine unto others
The light in her heart.

-Karilyn Owens

Dream It, Feet It, Expect It

In honor of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s 76th Birthday today (Happy Birthday, Wayne!), I felt compelled to share his wisdom on manifestation. Dr. Dyer is one of the great Ascended Masters who lives long beyond his Earth years, as his Infinite Love, wisdom and teaching will continue to touch our world for centuries to come.

Dr. Dyer is the first truly Spiritual being and teacher that I discovered along my path; my dear cousin gifted me two of his books, Your Sacred Self and There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem. I now own almost every one of his books. I vehemently suggest his work; he is a Master of the Spirit, and his teaching will change your life (it absolutely changed mine).

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Monday Mantra—You Are Powerful

As I’ve been writing about honoring our heart’s desires and dreams, it is no coincidence that I pulled a card with this message on it today.
Know that you are powerful beyond measure. Your thoughts, feelings and actions create your reality. Choose to attract everything you can imagine by embodying a mindset of positivity and exuberant love.
By being love and sending out that love into the universe, you will surely attract that love back to you in all the forms of abundance you seek.
Hold the intention this week to acknowledge your less-than-loving thoughts and then diffuse them with thoughts of love. A positive thought quickly distinguishes a fear-based thought by raising the frequency it holds.
Determine the practices that keep you grounded in love, be it yoga, long walks, soul friendship, or meditation. Whatever it may be, hold the intention of love and it will be done.
As always, my favorite means of grounding in love and positivity is an attitude of gratitude. Calm any anxiety, worries or self-doubts by setting your awareness in the present moment.
YOU are powerful, dear one. Repeat this mantra until your heart begins to speak louder than your mind.
I am more powerful than I realize.
Sending you all my Light and Love on this beautiful Monday.

Trust in Our Dreams

Have you ever sat in stillness to contemplate your dreams?

I have been on a wild journey of discovery that planted me right at the doorstep of my own dream: to serve others with the full expression of my true self—an intuitive healer and empowerment coach.

On a cool October evening, as I experienced the super moon eclipse from my outdoor yoga class, the instructor gave me a piece of advice: if a dream is placed on our heart, we are powerful enough to manifest it.

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I am Human—My Yoga Journey

Yoga is my everything. And Yoga for Humans is spreading the word on the humanity behind yoga. I love how they portray the imperfections behind the practice, simply because yoga is not about perfection at all.

It took me years to get on my mat again after three attempted classes circa 2009 frightened the living daylight out of me; my body said we aren’t having this. Not one bit.

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Reflect and Re-Evaluate


May is a super charged month energetically and astrologically; with Mercury and many other planets in Retrograde, it is the perfect time to slow down, ground ourselves and self reflect. Gratitude is a way to ground our being in the present moment. Make a point this month to reflect on where you are now, how far you’ve come and your current self worth. When reflecting on the past, try not to dwell on any regret, mistakes or missed opportunities; simply feel love and gratitude for where these missteps brought you. Chances are you wouldn’t be where you are, who you are or what you are without the “blessings” of the past.

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My Epoch

I was served a very important lesson this week after I was struck by a very nasty and painful bug that rendered me weak and vulnerable.

As I fought many self-defeating thoughts that trickled in as the pain set in deeper, I remained calm and centered with self-guided meditation and detoxifying salt baths. I couldn’t help but think this day of misery served an underlying purpose.

This week marks my departure from my full time job and the beginning of my journey as an intuitive healer and coach. I am certain the anxiety of such a drastic change in my path is part of the culprit for my body’s painful process.

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Secrets of Manifestation

I returned to one of my favorite yoga classes this week: crystal healing yin with Natanya Washburn of Lapis and Lavender. I hadn’t attended her class for some time, and I knew I was in for a delicious treat.

With the Super New Moon today, it is a perfect setting for manifesting intentions and charting new beginnings. Natanya shared a philosophy that deeply resonated in my heart. I am here to pass along her wisdom nugget along with my experience of manifesting my wildest dreams.

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A Grand Legacy of Love

Look at your legacy
Manifesting on Earth.
See the grand love,
The epic storytellers,
The practical wisdom?
It is all because you
Poured out your heart
While on this Earth.
You shared your gifts
And inspired us all
To embrace ours.
We have your love
To guide us through.
Your witty words,
Quips and jokes
Echo in the walls
Of our minds and hearts.
Your light-filled presence,
Felt, tried and true,
Gives the gift of purpose
In seeking all we are.
Now isn’t this your
Greatest gift?
To fill our lives
With the stuff
That truly matters—
The pursuit of love
And telltale dreams?
Thank you for embodying
A spirit that lives
Beyond your human years
And resides precisely
Where you belong:
The walls of our hearts.

– Karilyn Owens

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