How to Trust in Miracles

What are you afraid of?
 What are you truly fearful of that holds you back?

As I have consciously become aware of the insidious role of fear in my life, my ability to face and then eliminate those limited sets of beliefs has grown tremendously.

But when setting fear aside, faith must enter in the void that our limiting thoughts pervade our minds. Faith may be my single favorite topic to teach on simply because it is the precursor to each and every miracle in my life.

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Building a Solid Spiritual Foundation

As I approached a tree that I have passed endless times before, a whisper called to me saying, “Sit and stay awhile.” The dogs were happily chewing away on grass, so I sat upon the cement bed that encircled the base of the tree.

This tree has caught my intrigue in the past, but I never stopped long enough to ponder the cause behind this intrigue until a few weeks ago; I noticed that the embankment that encircles the tree has been cracked by the power of the tree’s roots. This wondrous force of nature to break through cement in order to expand its roots is actually a perfect metaphor for spiritual truth.

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Open Heart Series #060616

The stillness of being
is when the soul speaks.
Slow down and see
The sweetness of life.
Sit and feel the
Breeze hit your skin.
There is nothing to do,
Nowhere to be.
Sit my dear soul,
Learn to be still.
Know that the rain
Cleanses the wounds,
The hurt and the pain
So the rays of today
Shed light and love
onto a brand new soul.

-Karilyn Owens

Open Heart Series #060116-1228

I am home now.
My soul sits pleasantly
Right beside my heart,
Knowing very well
That the love I searched
And searched for
Was actually here
In my own being all along.
My journey in this lifetime
Had to pass from
Student to teacher
And back again
To learn the fates
Hanging in the gates
Of this earthly plane.
Now heaven appears;
God’s will be done
Through divine love.
For I’m just a messenger—
My time here is short
But I have work to do
And love to spread.
Incubation of my heart
Has ceased and what’s
Revealed may only be
Described as Divine.
For I cannot explain
What this mission is for
Except to say it is my soul
Who has come to deliver
What is known in the heavens
And keenly placed on my heart.
Why wait until the gates
Await with blinding white?
Why live with darkness
When you can choose light?
The choice is yours but
I have made up mine.
Heaven is for real
And I’m bringing the
Down the Divine love.

-Karilyn Owens

My Backwards Journey to Finding Self Love

My search for love last year inadvertently sent me on a mission to turn my search inward to discover my own self. It allowed me to return to love, because I have come to understand that we cannot truly love others in the way they deserve to be loved until we fully love ourselves.

My journey to find love truly became a journey to find myself, and the love I held in my heart all along. By choosing to give my heart to others and find that sense of love and worth through them, I was robbing myself of the Divine gift of self love (and simultaneously removing the chance for my beloved to be truly loved unconditionally).

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How I Found My Sacred Song

My spiritual awakening has quite literally taken flight the past three weeks. Birds have been interacting with me to the degree that I know something significant is transpiring; somehow they are here to deliver messages, but what?

I struggled as to what the meaning might be, but as I often do, I chose to surrender this to Spirit by asking for the answers to be revealed to me. And then I put it out of my mind and let go.

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Let Your Seeds Bloom

I have been in tizzy of turmoil the past few weeks as I pulled back on my reigns and halted my full-steam plans to reflect and reevaluate. I do not believe in coincidences, and I am certain that the timing of Mercury Retrograde (and four others) was Divinely timed in order for me to slow my perfectionistic roll and surrender to what was moving through me and around me.

I discovered if I eased into the very tumultuous energy by surrendering with grace, this time could work in my favor, if only I let go. The art of letting go is one I am still trying on for size as my nature is to hold tightly to control. But as fate would have it, I discovered I was approaching my Ego and need to hold on all wrong. I have started to embrace my heart in a way that allows it to lead the way I live through decisions, thoughts, feelings and actions, but that what truly shook me awake is the notion of embracing fear.

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Make Friends With Fear

As my journey continues to take me further off into the unknown, I have grappled with fear. We all deal with fear.

Without conscious practice and acknowledgement, fear can derail us from following our heart.

My spiritual awakening is paying off as I learn to work with fear rather than bury it (or worse—ignore it altogether).

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Open Heart Series #51616-1052

When I look to the sky
And to the clouds,
All is well.
When I look to the stars
and to the moon,
All is well.
When I look to the
Trees and the birds
And the blooms,
All is well.
All is well when
Nature is upon me,
When the Heavens
Meet the Earth
In every spectacular
Breeze of the wind,
Rustle of the leaves,
Stigma of a rose,
And chirp of a bird.
All is well because
The force behind
The cumulus clouds
And the rainbows
And the butterflies
Is surely the force
Moving inside of me.
And in that space,
Where I feel the whole
World move through me,
I know in fact
All is well.

-Karilyn Owens

Open Heart Series #051416-225

The mockingbird sings
And I flock to her song.
She sings of the beauty
And influences around her
Yet she still stands tall
And fearless as her own
Divinely created self.
It is I who takes note
Of the spirit behind
This magnificent messenger,
I am in fact a creature
Of my influences and experiences
And yet I sing my own sacred song.
I am not my past even
Though it gave me a stage
For which I learned to
Valiantly sing with abandon
Of a love so divinely inspired
That my heart’s melody
Is a heavenly medley
Of the spirit within,
Calling me forth
To fearlessly forge
My purposeful path
And unleash my inner
Song for humanity to hear.
Yes, my mockingbird sings
With a powerful voice ready
To shine unto others
The light in her heart.

-Karilyn Owens

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