My Epoch

I was served a very important lesson this week after I was struck by a very nasty and painful bug that rendered me weak and vulnerable.

As I fought many self-defeating thoughts that trickled in as the pain set in deeper, I remained calm and centered with self-guided meditation and detoxifying salt baths. I couldn’t help but think this day of misery served an underlying purpose.

This week marks my departure from my full time job and the beginning of my journey as an intuitive healer and coach. I am certain the anxiety of such a drastic change in my path is part of the culprit for my body’s painful process.

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Secrets of Manifestation

I returned to one of my favorite yoga classes this week: crystal healing yin with Natanya Washburn of Lapis and Lavender. I hadn’t attended her class for some time, and I knew I was in for a delicious treat.

With the Super New Moon today, it is a perfect setting for manifesting intentions and charting new beginnings. Natanya shared a philosophy that deeply resonated in my heart. I am here to pass along her wisdom nugget along with my experience of manifesting my wildest dreams.

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A Grand Legacy of Love

Look at your legacy
Manifesting on Earth.
See the grand love,
The epic storytellers,
The practical wisdom?
It is all because you
Poured out your heart
While on this Earth.
You shared your gifts
And inspired us all
To embrace ours.
We have your love
To guide us through.
Your witty words,
Quips and jokes
Echo in the walls
Of our minds and hearts.
Your light-filled presence,
Felt, tried and true,
Gives the gift of purpose
In seeking all we are.
Now isn’t this your
Greatest gift?
To fill our lives
With the stuff
That truly matters—
The pursuit of love
And telltale dreams?
Thank you for embodying
A spirit that lives
Beyond your human years
And resides precisely
Where you belong:
The walls of our hearts.

– Karilyn Owens

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