Open Heart Series #022416-455

The tapestry of our souls
Woven over our lifetime
Tells a story no outside
Perspective ever could.
No identity based on looks,
Job, social status or wealth
Could depict who we are.
Threads that root in our heart
Is what I want to be known for.
It’s the words I want to last
Beyond my time on earth.
Words dissipate where feelings endure.
Allow someone to feel your heart,
To see your whimsical tapestry
And the rare beauty it holds.
They will never know the true you
Without feeling every thread.
Share what’s in your heart,
What is on your heart,
And what is weighing it down.
When you one day leave,
The souls you touched
Will spread your legacy of love
Allowing your spirt to live on.
The legacy you leave
Is up to your heart.
No one will remember
Anything you were or
What you possessed on paper.
No, they will remember
How you made them feel,
In the lost moments,
In the weak moments,
In the joyous moments
And the in between moments.
You may have a job,
But if you tirelessly bleed love
Onto the souls of others
You have fulfilled
your God given duty,
your gift from above.
Spread your seeds of love.
Then watch them sprout.

—Karilyn Owens

Open Heart Series #22316-1017

I don’t know who.
I won’t know where.
I won’t know how.

But the what and
Certainly the why
Are held in God’s hands.

An answer to my prayer,
My soulmate and part
Of our purpose together.

This who is the what.
My faith holds me tight
In patient waiting.

For the day God reveals
The who of His plans,
Heaven only knows.

But the day I meet
My partner will be
The day two worlds align.

Heaven down on earth,
I will hold you in my hands
And know God chose you.

I will be where I belong
In your infinite embrace,
The love I deserve.

Find a woman who

Find a woman who makes you feel more alive. She won’t make life perfect, but she’ll make it infinitely more interesting. And then love her with all that’s in you.

—Gayle G. Roper

Love As I Know It

We need to be vulnerable enough to admit what we are feeling out loud to another person. I once heard something that stuck with me: “everything we say is for us to hear.”

We need to speak the truth in our heart; we need to be heard and seen by others to feel valued. It’s when we hide our thoughts, feelings or emotions from others that we fall victim to our own lack of vulnerability.

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Awake at dawn

Awake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.

—Kahlil Gibran

Open Heart Series #21216

Love is me.
Love is you.
Love is us.

Love is now.
Love is then.
Love is ahead.

Love is truth.
Love is pure.
Love is infinite.

Love is giving.
Love is receiving.
Love is presence.

Love is expansive.
Love is endless.
Love is vulnerability.

Love is overcoming.
Love is overflowing.
Love is endearing.

Love is the sun.
Love is the moon.
Love is the stars.

Love is your smile.
Love is your offering.
Love is your hug.

Love is an embrace.
Love is a shoulder.
Love is a tear shed.

Love is a kiss
that never ceases
to warm your heart.

Love is see you later
when no distance
can hide truth.

Love is what remains
when all else fails.

Love is the beginning.
Love is the end.
Love is all there is.

Love is the answer.
Love is always the answer.

—Karilyn Owens

What If…

God is a cloud from which rain fell.

—Dejan Stojanovic, The Sun Watches the Sun

What if a hummingbird
is God’s way of telling us
to soak up the sweet nectar of life?

What if God gave us stars
so we can be reminded
of his light at night?

What if the stars
are a reminder
to search for our own light
even when we cannot see it?

What if a rainbow is His way
of telling us to seek out his Grace
even if we cannot see the end in sight?

What if our soulmate
is God’s way of ensuring
we reach our highest potential?

What if His love,
love for ourselves,
and love for others
is why we are here?

Look for God’s signs of love,
and when He rains down
in sadness or jubilant joy,
know that the result is love.

For we have to feel
all we feel in darkness
to return to the light inside.

—Karilyn Owens

Open Heart Series #111815-1112

My love is like an ocean.
What you see above the surface,
Is nothing compared to below.

I have a yearning inside me,
To see where these depths lead,
To see your beginning and end.

I ask that you let me in,
I am waiting at your door.

My heart was broken then,
You opened up the gates.

I see your protective measures,
Will you let me shatter your walls?

I want to hold your heart,
To love you with all of me.

My love cannot be stifled,
You will not break my depths.

If you let love run through you,
If you see the life force it brings,
Know that it cannot hinder you.

We have dreams and purpose,
That will not be sacrificed,
Our focus won’t wane.

But when the day comes,
And success is at your door,
Money and fame
does not a life make.

Love is the answer.
Love is always the answer,
So let it hold space in your heart.

See how this Union as one,
Brings you to heights unforeseen.

If God wants us together,
There will be a time and place.

No fighting will be done,
Only surrendering to what is.

Faith will keep me going,
But God will call the shots.

For now I love you near or far,
Can you admit that is enough?

–-Karilyn Owens

Open Heart Series #111815-946

I reveal my heart,
My most deep self known.

No matter what happens,
My heart burns outside my chest.

My heart shifts,
I want certainty,
I want to know why.

I feel my heart ablaze,
This feeling is new.

I cannot deny nor dismiss,
That this is why I’m here.

I want to spend my life exploring,
The potential of my wild heart.

And at the end of my life,
Whatever God brings about.

I will have faced my bleeding heart,
And the expansive power it contains.

– Karilyn Owens

I Choose You

I choose a lover who professes their love with whatever form suits their soul.

I choose a lover who doesn’t hold their tongue, no matter what the message is.

I choose a lover who soothes my soul with just one touch.

I choose a lover who knows what they want and finds it in me.

I choose a lover who awakens from a nights sleep giddy over my fresh face and new day.

I choose a lover who knows how to play and embraces their inner child.

I choose a lover who has been through hell so as to recognize and appreciate fucking fantastic when it arrives.

I choose a lover that embodies mind, body and spirit in their chaotic life.

I choose a lover whose faith is steadfast and heart is forthright.

I choose a lover whose flame never dwindles but only grows stronger.

I choose a lover who knows who I am and what I dream of at my core.

I choose a lover who will swim in my pool of vulnerability and not be weary of the deep end.

I choose a lover who wears passion just as unabashedly as his favorite, worn-in t-shirt.

I choose a lover who marvels at the tiniest wonders with me.

I choose a lover who believes our connection is the greatest gift in life.

I choose a lover who never looks back but braves each storm together.

I choose a lover whose words touch my heart and awaken my soul.

I choose a lover whose lips melt into mine taking me to another time and space.

I choose a lover who will dig deep trenches inside my heart and fill it with a love so passionate and raw that every open crack is patched.

I choose a lover that doesn’t choose me by default, but fights to choose me.

I choose a lover who understands I’m not a property that can be owned, remodeled or upgraded.

I choose a lover who allows freedom for our individual foundations to be laid with solid intentions.

I choose a lover who feels deeply, loves irrationally and lives wholeheartedly.

I choose a lover who views kindness as an obligation, not a choice.

I choose a lover who has an unwavering sense of faith, purpose and light.

I choose a lover who believes this world is inherently good, that it is souls like us who serve as a gripping reminder.

I choose a lover that chooses me first, that would choose me even if I didn’t choose him.

I choose a lover that sits beside me at the end of the day simply because where I am is home.

I choose a lover who lights up the room with insidious love, laughter and kindness.

I choose a lover who will show me why it never worked before.

I choose a lover whose laugh ignites my very soul, whose voice feels like a familiar calling, whose kiss feels like the one I’ve waited my whole life for.

I choose a lover who teaches me everything I think I know about love and everything I have yet to learn.

I choose a lover whose idea of adventure is choosing an ice cream flavor along with combing the rainforest.

I choose a lover who thinks each new day is a chance to write a new story, one that is better than the last.

I choose a lover who has the utmost sense of who he is at the soul level.

This is who I choose. I choose you, over and over, on any day, under any roof, amidst every starry night. I choose you.

And I will keep choosing you until our souls part.

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