Honoring Wayne Dyer


In honor of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s life, I am sharing one of his quotes that deeply affected me. Recognizing that I can only control what goes on in my own life is an invaluable lesson (and one I remind myself of often). This and so many other life lessons is why this man was such a gift to our world. He will be greatly missed #gonebutneverforgotten

The Simplicity Behind Synchronicity

Synchronicity is this interesting, funny-sounding word that was created by Carl Jung. And what he meant by it was those times in your life when something appears to be a coincidence but you know that there is more to it than that. There is more than just a random coincidence involved. There is meaning, there is purpose, there is power behind it.

—Gary Zukav

As I have learned to tap into my intuition as of late and listen to the deep secrets in my soul that one can only hear when you have quieted your mind, I have discovered my favorite word: synchronicity. I have always been a believer that moments and events can carry meaning, but it’s only in the recent past that I have truly gained the understanding behind the mysteries of the universe. The way I have opened my heart this year, and the lengths at which I have gone to truly listen to my soul has revealed blessing upon blessing.

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