Kari Kards

Art is positively a lifeline for me. As a child, I bled cerulean blue (my go-to Crayola crayon). I was mesmerized by the vibrant array of color options in a 64, 96 or (dare I say) 120 count boxes. My intrigue and obsession grew as I took as many art classes as possible. I explored endless mediums at ASU’s Herberger Institute for Art and Design workshops. As my perfectionist personality developed, I tediously refined every little detail of every project. I had found my calling and nothing else would come between me and my true love for art.Continue Reading..

Writing and Art: My Gifts to This World

Writing is another passion of mine, so when presented with the opportunity to write blog posts for Terralever on design, I did a happy dance. Okay, so maybe that dance was in my mind. But, when you love something and are as passionate as I am, work just doesn’t seem like work. Even if I am fine-tuning my articles at 2am (since I always seem to choose timely subjects), I am still chipper as can be. Plus, like any seasoned artist and writer, I thrive on deadlines.Continue Reading..

Behavior is Our Medium

From Good to Great: Digital Experiences That Don’t Suck

The whole notion of evolving as an interaction designer to make better products is a constant in my mind. I was traditionally trained, earning a BFA in Graphic Design. While I gained an incredible foundation for design, both traditional and digital, experience design had not yet emerged in a real way. I designed websites for the sake of translating information onto the web. I could not devote my life’s work to something so primitive.Continue Reading..

Ira, I Will Never, Ever Stop

I will openly admit that I am overly critical of my work. Because I am my own worst critic, I often become disappointed by my work. Plus, I’m not one to embrace the notion of “good enough.” I stuck to my ambitious guns and broke past the era where my design work was just not good. I have been blessed with wonderful opportunities that allowed me to push past mundane, average work to get to work I am proud of. After five years in the workforce, I humbly admit that I am not in the great category yet. Sure, I am creating good work, certainly good enough work, and I do surprise myself often.

Continue Reading..

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